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Signs from the Universe

Have you ever noticed a specific car, animal, color or number showing up in your life? Do you often ask yourself if they mean anything? And if they do, what do they mean? This online self-study course explores signs and how to interpret them.

Align & Amplify

align & Amplify

A coaching group that takes you through the process of clearing the decks to ready yourself for aligning with your higher purpose, aligning with that purpose and amplifying your message to the world.

** “Align & Amplify" is currently being used by at least 2 other women in the coaching industry. Out of respect for them and their hard work, I’ve put this offering on hold and am manifesting a new name for this group.


altar building basics

This online course came to me after many 1:1 clients requested I assist them in making their altars. This online course covers the basic elements of a personal altar and dives deep into specific elements of intentional altars.

New Moon Gathering


The New Moon Gathering is a gathering that happens every New Moon via Zoom. The 90-Minutes includes a guided meditation, time to write wishes & collage. In addition to the gathering, members of the New Moon Lab receive a monthly New Moon Guide.


rituals made easy

Rituals made easy is an online self-study course that walks you through 4 easy rituals you can do at home and leads you to building your very own ritual too.


work club

Work club is a membership subscription based virtual co-working group that meets twice a week for 90-minutes on Zoom. These online office-hours enable you to set aside time for some serious TCB (taking care of business).

Business Babe Matermind Retreat

business babes mastermind retreat

Private Retreat

Private retreat strategy session

I come to you where you are or you come to me in Seattle. We spend 1-2 days diving deep into your business or subject of your choice.

New Moon Box

new moon subscription box

The New Moon Box is an accessible beautiful and convenient way to access that power, connect to intention, and create community from the comfort of your own home.