This is a planet where we reap what we sow. By knowing what we want to harvest in our lives (the dreams we want to see come true) and by planting the seeds at the appropriate time, we can manifest the dreams of our heart. … Wishes don’t always come to full fruition in the approximate twenty-nine-and-a-half-day cycle between New Moons, but once the seeds are planted, they will come true in the months ahead. Experience has shown me that wishes can be made up to forty-eight hours after the exact time of the New Moon; however, the most potent time is within the first eight hours.

- Handwrite your New Moon Wishes on paper.
- Date & keep your wishes.
- Make at least 2 and no more than 10 wishes for each New Moon.  Multiple wishes can be made in any one area of your life.
The wording of the wishes is also very important — they must be clearly stated so that the “feeling” behind the wishes comes though the words. Use your intuition. If, after you have written a wish, it feels “right” to you and evokes feelings of harmony and happiness, your wish is “on target.” However, if it doesn’t “feel right,” I would suggest changing the wording or even waiting until a different time to make that particular wish.

As the energy of each month changes, and as your own life progresses and your areas of focus change, you may find that on some Power Days you are inclined to focus on shifting one or two areas very strongly. In other months it may seem more appropriate to wish for changes and improvement in diverse areas of your life.

Once your New Moon Wishes are written you can do whatever you like with them.  Don’t throw them away; instead keep them in a safe/sacred space so you can review them whenever you experience a big shift and things begin to unfold.  Wishes are not like affirmations, once you’ve written them you never have to look at them again.  Some find it helpful or comforting to read them regularly as part of their personal rituals.  You really can do whatever you want with them. 

On each of the New Moon days listed, not only do you have the power to make wishes that will come true in the days or months ahead, but also the wisdom to make “proper” wishes: wishes that, when they come true, will bring you true joy. So pay attention to your inner feelings and trust them. After writing down each wish, check to see how you feel inside. If you feel happy and peaceful, then you’re on the right track. If you feel troubled or uncertain, it would be best to erase that wish until a later time.

The ideas that come to you on these days will not be based on linear thinking, the past, your subconscious, or what others say you should have in order to be happy. The Angels hover close to the Earth during these time periods, and if you listen to your intuitive feelings with an open and innocent mind, on this day ideas about what will truly make you happy will come to you. It’s an extraordinary day!

All wishes, when made repeatedly over an extended period of time, will come true — unless a wish is in direct conflict with your destiny. What you yearn for in your heart IS your destiny and worthy of pursuit. If a wish blatantly doesn’t come true, then it may be because it was a wish that didn’t take into account the good of everyone involved, perhaps including your own best overall interests.

- DO trust your own process. The Universe wants you to be happy. If a wish doesn’t come true immediately, keep repeating it, or watch to see what unexpected benefit comes in its place.

- DO trust yourself in writing down those wishes that truly make you feel harmonious on the exact day of the New Moon.
- DO NOT make wishes for other people. It won’t work.
- DO make wishes shifting YOUR approach to other people whom you want to influence.
- DO believe in and pursue your dreams! Trust your ability to go through the tests of character that open the way to experiencing your own inner happiness.
- DO believe in yourself. Keep repeating wishes on your list until they begin coming true.
- DO make more than one wish around an area that is especially difficult, or important to you.
- DO move with the new energy that emerges.
- DO NOT let yourself stay stuck in old, habitual responses!
- DO trust your inner knowing when writing down wishes. Make sure the way the wish is worded leaves you feeling harmonious and empowered!
- DO NOT write down wishes that you don’t feel completely comfortable with, even if they make sense logically . 

- “I want to easily find myself staying focused on achieving my business goals.”
- “I want to consciously remember that if I take care of the details—the little things—in my business, the big things will take care of themselves.”
- “I want to consistently ask questions that lead to my understanding others more deeply.”
- “I want clarity in seizing the right moment to communicate with———in ways that foster closeness and mutual support.”
- “I want all self-defeating censorship in my relationship with———totally lifted from me.”
- “I want all negative, judgmental thoughts and emotions around the issue of courage easily lifted from me.”
- “I want all blocks that prevent me from using my imagination completely lifted from me.”
- “I want all feelings of being victimized and defeated totally lifted from me.”
- “I want all tendencies toward giving up magically transformed into renewed energy for success and happiness.”
- “I want the habit of procrastinating totally lifted from me.”

Written by Jan Spiller, edited by Dana Clark



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