“She Rules.  My biz partner and I have worked with Dana for over a year. She's helped us accomplish our goals and develop our biz. plan. She's funny, charming and smart as a whip. We love her!” --Wickie Stamps, Heads Will Roll Films, San Francisco

“...My business is now blossoming, it is starting to boom actually, and my life is getting bigger and better. I am so grateful to be able to work with her! I whole heartedly recommend her!” --Aiden Douglass, CMT, San Francisco

“Dana Clark thank you for reminding me of my path and helping me re-focus the foggy lens.  Your guidance and support allow me to give voice to my dreams.  Fabulous, amazing, inspiring, are words I would use to describe my time with you!" --Anonymous, Palm Springs

“...After a relatively short time working with Dana, I began to feel more focused and confident both personally and professionally.  I now have a wonderful and fulfilling new career and I am enjoying my life more and more.  I would recommend working with Dana to anyone who wants to see positive changes manifest in their lives.” --TJ Woodward, Spiritual Life Coach, San Francsico

“Amazing! Dana is a teacher, a leader, a fountain of patience and support. Highly recommend her services to those seeking a deeper understanding of themselves.” --Anonymous, Portland

“...She is a wonderful life coach -- understanding, encouraging and never judgmental. I have already sent friends to see her and I would recommend her to anyone looking to build a more gratifying professional life.” --Alisa W., Chicago

“Dana Clark is a very effective and gentle coach. She's a great listener and will guide you through exercises that will help you realize your full potential. She'll tailor her coaching to your needs, is graceful and conscientious.” --Ava S., Los Angeles

"...as a direct result of working with Dana, I was able to pursue (these) relationships In a manner that feels more loving and functional for me...  I can say that I feel tremendous improvement in my ability as a boss, as an employee, as a family member, and as a friend.” --Dan B., Marin County