Work Club is for you.

Work Club is an online co-working community that provides accountability, structure, connection & support for you to get more done.  

Work Club provides structure & ACCOUNTABILITY.

WORK CLUB is a solution for isolation.

Work Club is for people who:
▶︎▻ feel isolated & crave CONNECTION
▶︎▻ need more STRUCTURE
▶︎▻ would love to have co-workers (without hiring or commuting)
▶︎▻ struggle to follow through

Work Club meets on Zoom twice a week for 90-minutes. The structure is simple: you’ll follow the provided link to Zoom where Dana leads the group by starting each session with a short grounding, then holds the space for you to get your work done and is available to support & coach you during the co-working session. All participants share their intention or state what they’re going to get done in the chat box, and then everyone gets to work.

If you are looking for:


then Work Club is for you.


Work club is …

▶︎▻ an ACCOUNTABILITY structure
▶︎▻ an ONLINE CO-WORKING group
▶︎▻ a great structure for VIRTUAL OFFICE HOURS
▶︎▻ a twice weekly opportunity to get SUPPORT FROM A MASTER COACH
▶︎▻ a COMMUNITY of people who are taking care of business


▶︎▻ Writing books, scripts, songs, letters, blog posts, newsletters, business plans…
▶︎▻ Development of products, courses, content…
▶︎▻ Art, crafts, creative practices
▶︎▻ Catching up on email, phone calls, etc.
▶︎▻ Self-care, meditation, mindful action
▶︎▻ Literally anything you want to


▶︎▻ Content planning
▶︎▻ Social Media marketing
▶︎▻ Money stuff: taxes, bills, budget…
▶︎▻ Administrative tasks
▶︎▻ Organizing community actions
▶︎▻ Homework, projects, studying for exams…
▶︎▻ Dedicating time to whatever you want


What you get:

▶︎▻ an average of 8 Co-Working Sessions per month, equaling 12 hours of Master Coach supported co-working time
▶︎▻ Direct access to Dana (the Master Coach 😊) for brainstorming, coaching & support during all sessions
▶︎▻ An awesome accountability structure
▶︎▻ Structured time to get stuff done
▶︎▻ An excellent time management tool
▶︎▻ Special offers and discounts on Dana’s other offerings, including 1:1 coaching

How it works:

▶︎▻ Work Club meets on Zoom on Mondays at 3p Pacific & Thursdays 10:30a Pacific.
▶︎▻ When you schedule your Work Club session you’ll receive a confirmation email that will include the Zoom link.
▶︎▻ Follow the Zoom link Work Club at the time of your Work Club session.
▶︎▻ It’s OK if you can’t make the whole session, arrive when you can & leave when you need to.

Do you have questions?

Dana has answers . . . .

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